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The best family game using these 10 questions

Lars Blokdijk

The best family game using these 10 questions

What's the best family game for that family weekend, Christmas dinner, or your grandmother's birthday? It’s an important question, because a lot of family fights have started over a game of Monopoly!

Do you want to play the best family game ever and build stronger bonds with it, without having to operate under the guise of "team building?"

Surprise your family with a quiz game! You'll find the 10 best questions from our popular quiz card game below. It's guaranteed to be more fun than Monopoly. 😉 Enjoy! 

Most fun family game questions

Ready to strengthen those family ties? Here are 10 questions from our family question card game:

  1. What do you think you could/should do together more often?
  2. What do or did you like from your upbringing?
  3. What did you always want to ask your parent(s)?
  4. Name something the person on your right has been doing lately that you admire.
  5. What is something funny and/or crazy that you’ve experienced with a least one member of your family?
  6. What excuse have you recently used with your family to get out of a chore or something else you didn’t feel like doing?
  7. Which family member have you done something (fun) less often with lately and would like to spend more time with?
  8. Which cartoon, book, or movie character would you like to be for a day?
  9. What do you think or like about parenting? On the other hand, what’s a pain?
  10. What’s something you’ve done that you’re proud of?
family game questions

Why a fun family game is important

How hard can it be to make up a family quiz game? You might be surprised...too many superficial or ambiguous questions? People drop out.

With the right questions, you get to know someone better. And most importantly: the right questions make it fun!

At Vertellis, we are experts in asking questions. With our quizzes and question card games, we help bring people closer together. With this fun family game, we hope to do the same for you and your family!

A family game for everyone

If you want to play a fun family game, you need to take a lot of people into account. A round of Trivial Pursuit is enjoyable, but then grandma gets frustrated because it’s moving too fast or she has no idea who Kurt Cobain is. And Clue is not really suitable for your little nieces and nephews.

Our solution? Use the questions above! We bet your whole family – from young to old – will be discussing the answer to each question in no time. That's the power of a good family game, one that initiates great conversations and does more than just entertain.

Take a quiz with your family!

So should you print this questionnaire and hand it out while having a barbecue? Don't do it. Well then, when? And how?

A family game should be played! Make the questions above even more fun and create a quiz game to get closer to each other. If your family is a bit competitive, it's extra fun to keep score. Did you guess what your uncle would answer? Score a point!

Before you know it, the burgers and salads are gone, the dessert is finished, and you'll be sitting around for hours talking about each other's answers. 

family quiz


A family game for hilarious situations

Our family questions game will give you ideas and the questions above will help you on your way, but there are many more questions you can ask your family. It all depends on the situation.

Do you want to get to know your parents better? Then deep questions might be a good idea.

Is the family game meant as entertainment during Uncle Harry's 80th birthday party? Try this list of funniest questions! Out of the blue you'll find out that he always secretly licks one of the clean spoons when he comes to visit (and is very proud of this).

Discover the most amusing and fun facts with this family game and get closer to each other in the process!


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